About Me


randyehrler-HeadshotI am a reader. Well, more accurately, I am a lifelong learner and my vehicle is books. I have never ceased to question the world we live in, nor strive to better understand why we do what we do, act as we act, live as we live and, most importantly, how we can do it all better.

For 20+ years I have hopped out of bed each day around 4:00 am to READ. With five children, this is literally the only time my house is quiet. I have carved out 90 minutes EVERYDAY that belong to me alone – to read, write and think – in peace.

My focus is on positive growth, in some way, everyday. Books are my opportunity to spend time with the masters on a given topic or the genius behind fiction that touches the heart, mind and soul. They provide a depth I can find nowhere else and allow for a level of reflection discouraged by other mediums.

I have spent my adult life as a teacher and parent, but see myself as a coach. I strive to share this passion, to incite others to learn and grow and help them (help themselves) to gain the insight, skills and understanding to thrive.

My mission in life is simple: Grow or die. Do ONLY that which helps me be a better me. (Feed the good dog. Starve the bad dog.) Support others in their own quest to be better. Never miss a day.

The purpose of this blog is to share my reading journey. Along the way I may throw in a post (or two) that are not about books (I consume A LOT of documentaries and podcasts), but it will primarily focus on the books I’ve read and the insights they have provided.

Below each post you will see the following: BE STRONG. STAY HUNGRY. WALK TALL. For me, these words mean:

BE STRONG. To live a principled life (with integrity) we must be bold, fearless and unwavering.

STAY HUNGRY. Never cease to dream, strive and look ahead. We should always be pursuing our next goal. We are either growing, learning and overcoming challenges OR we are in a state of decline. Look around – those are the choices.

WALK TALL. The forces that work against us are huge. We must persist with confidence and certainty. We cannot wait for others to buy in, we must believe first, and proceed accordingly.


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