Real Strength for Life

I grew up in a small, country town. I spent a lot of time as a kid helping out on farms. I have an image burned in my head of these old farmers – guys in their 50’s and 60’s – burly men with Popeye forearms and stout shoulders. These guys didn’t have beach bodies but they could throw bales of hay all day long with us kids – no problem.

Men's Health Power TrainingMy grandfather was one of these guys. Strong into his 80’s. Real strength. Functional strength. Able to lift real things in the real world. Not pretty, but strong and powerful. No nonsense. No B.S.

That’s my goal. I lift heavy. I do power moves, functional exercises. No curls for the girls – it’s all about strength, power and agility. Old school.

Power Training by Coach Dos is THE best primer for building functional strength. It offers a complete program that can be customized to fit any schedule. I do a full body workout twice a week. This has helped me to be consistent because I do not have an unrealistic lifting schedule that I am trying to sandwich into my crazy daily routine. Hitting the gym twice a week has boosted my confidence, is transforming my body and brought me back to a place I love – the gym.

The key is to make this a part of your life. It is not “a program.” This is not something that you will do for six months then quit. If you want to one of those guys, like those old farmers, still able to throw weight with the kids when you are 60, you have to hit the gym regularly, forever.

It is a lifestyle.

If you commit, this is the only book you will need for building and maintaining strength for life. There are a myriad of movements and routines to fit any schedule and fitness goal. This is a workout for athletes, it will impact your flexibility, strength, power, agility and size. The results you gain translate into every part of your life – they will transform you physically, emotionally and mentally. The workouts are brutal. Pushing through every rep, set and movement takes an act of will and resolve that translates to other parts of your life. The courage and discipline it takes to do a set of power cleans, when your arms, back, legs and lungs are shredded translates to the classroom, the boardroom and the sales floor – just do that thing you have to do – one more time – do your best – PUSH!

While I am working out I regularly see college kids come into the gym. While I am panting for breath and dreading my next beautiful set I watch these kids. They walk in the gym, do a set of curls (for the girls!), do some bench presses, then spend 10-15 minutes on various machines – then they leave. WTF! is all I can think to myself. What’s the point? 30 minutes of undisciplined, unplanned and intensity challenged “lifting” will not gain results. Perhaps a little chest and bicep bump so you look good at the bar, but not real strength, health and power.

So if you are ready to finally get at it, to change yourself physically, this is the book for you. Coach Dos explains his lifting philosophy, goes through each of the movements, explains the routines and provides an excellent framework for your diet – based on the six pillars of nutrition developed by Mike Roussell.

All you need for physical health is in this book. Are you ready?

Be Strong. Stay Hungry. Walk Tall.