A Better Way to Live

“Throughout the industrialized world, people are living longer, but they are getting sick sooner, so the number of years they spend chronically ill is increasing in both directions.”

Healthy at 100Healthy at 100 places its focus on health and wellness. Whereas, much of the diet and exercise books being published focus on appearances – “anti-aging,” a younger you, being fit and trim – NOT HEALTH. There is a difference between fitness and health. Witness the number of physically beautiful specimens who have dropped dead over the years. Why? Because the means required to produce the six-pack were detrimental to the overall functions and well-being of their organs and bodily systems. Extreme dieting, supplementation and drugs – all done to create a body that does not exist in nature – will eventually cause irreparable damage.

Additionally, so much of the diet and fitness industry is driven by a desire to remain youthful. Anti-aging is an oxymoron. You cannot stop time. Yet, Americans desperately want to stay young. We hate old people. The four communities presented in Healthy at 100 embraced their elderly. People were not discarded after reaching a certain age – they were (are) embraced for having the wisdom of years and are held in respect and gratitude.

This alone would improve the lives of the aged. How much of the rapid decline toward death has to do with being unwanted and unneeded? A lifetime of work and experience should be utilized as a resource for the benefit of all, but not in the U.S. We push the aged aside, dismiss their knowledge as outdated and irrelevant, and then proceed to make the same mistakes all over again.

Bottom line: this book presents a simple path to wellness: physically, emotional, mental and relational. There are no fancy tricks or gadgets to be purchased. Eat real food. Eat less. Move more. Love one another; spend time together. Sleep well. Appreciate these things. Want less. Need less. Expect less.

So much of our ill-health is a product of the pursuit of “happiness” that seems to elude us. Little do we know how easy happiness is to find and how little it costs. Read this book and find out for yourself.

Be Strong. Stay Hungry. Walk Tall.